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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Denizens are met!

The Denizens are met below by their investitures. Their posts will be identified by their intials. We welcome anyone who would like to join our hearty group of Sherlockians.
Join as as we pass through the London fog to climb those seventeen stairs at 221B Baker Street. Sit by the fire with the good Doctor and the world's first, and foremost, consulting detective.

BG The members of our band of budding Sherlockians will, from time to time, comment on the stories from the Canon. Their original remarks will be saved here for posterity. This blog is dedicated to those young people who are already anonymous members of the Bar of Gold and will here find the comraderie that will have making contributions in memory of the Master.

The current denizens of the Bar of Gold have been invested (given a membership) with a name referenced from the Canon (the 60 cases documemted for the most part by Dr. Watson). The only requirement for joining our band of literary sleuths is an interest in Watson's tales that perpetuate the cases of Sherlock Holmes.

Each of our denizens will leave their commentaries here on the doorstep of the Bar of Gold with the intials of the investures preceding them. Below you will
find the intials that will identify them:

The Bar of Gold - BG
The Good Doctor - GD
The Engineer's Thumb - ET
The Red-Headed League - RL
Each will bring his particular perspective on the works the first of which was published by Ward and Locke in 1887 in Beeton's Christmas Annual as A Study in Scarlet . They may also bring us word of other things Sherlockian as they venture
through the the world of London 1895.
If you wish to join our hardy band, then add your comments to the dialogue by leaving your notes on the threshold of the most heinous opium den in all of London. We look forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile come travel those fog-shrouded streets with us as we pursue the Master and Dr. Watson on their adventures.